Yowie Block

Yowie is the only Yeti pet available during the Winter Event. He is a white yeti with black horns, big fangs and grey skin. He's classified as 'legendary'.

Stats and Abilities: Edit

Happiness Bonus: +12% damage, +35 primary stat, +165 Health, +65 Mana, +6.5% dodge.

Arcane Ability: Bestial Roar = A blood-curdling roar that deals moderate damage to enemies, snares them, and lowers their damage for a short time.

Passive Ability: Icy Barrage = A melee attack that damages multiple targets, chance to reduce chance to hit by 15%, armor by 10%.

How can I get it ? Edit

  • Awarded if you reach the Gold Tier during the Winter Event.

Yowie's egg is tradeable.

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