Each class has a unique item for combat.

  • The Warrior Class uses axes/swords or sword/shield combinations. After more recent expansions, Glaives and Maul's have also been included to this list.
  • The Rogue Class uses dual daggers or bows. After the level 41 and 46 expansion, dual handed axes, and scythes have also been included to this list.
  • The Sorcerer Class uses staffs or guns. After the most recent expansions, single handed scythes and barrels have also been added to this list. Scepter's have been included since the level 36 expansion.

Weapons can be obtained from merchants. They can also be found in chests dropped by Bosses and enemies. Weapons can also be traded for items which have the same value, gold or platinum, as well as being opened in chest.

The auction has great, unique and sometimes limited items obtained by other players, and that they want to sell. If so, it will be listed in the center space. Before you buy an item, you can look at the stats (button in bottom left corner) and how it looks on your character (top right corner).

Test before making sure they increase all your stats, or at least the ones that count.