The Tunnels of Valheim are very dark and reclusive, it's very easy to get lost in the deceptively small map, I'm speaking from experience. These tunnels and the mobs that reside within them are very anti-close range fighters because the mobs seem to enjoy standing in the middle of the icy pools which freeze you. Very few can pass this area without a Rogue with a bow or a Sorcerer/Mage with a gun. More will be explained later on.

The Last Rune

In the second map of Nordr, Mount Spyr, you will receive a quest right before you engage in combat with Alpha Wolf called 'Forgotten Runes' in which you are asked to find three Runes, which also also procured with the level 31 mythic Mage Weapon, Runic Flare. You will be able to find the Second Rune here if you do not follow the signs which point you in the direction of the boss.


The boss in this map does not grant the character any Achievement Points or any spectacular loot, aside from a rare chance of a Kelvin egg drop which ranges throughout the entirety of the Nordr bosses in each map. Frostbite, the boss, is a spider who spits out pools of ice and, as a special attack, pulls you with a long chain and showers you with an icy cold spray. Needless to say, this boss is not fun. An up side would be that you can skip this boss because killing Frostbite grants no Achievement Points and is more or less just a waste of potions.

Completely rewritten by -Theunorthodox-

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