After you leave Rooks' Nest, you enter the Great City of Kraag; a good place to relax after the fight with Bael. You can fire cannons at enemies (Watch out for backfires!), enjoy the Tavern, and chat with friends!


Quest: Donatello's Call [Repeats]

Quest: Kermut's Call [Repeats]

Quest: Watson's Call [Repeats]

Quest: Sigrun's Call [Repeats]

Quest: [Daily] Black Hearts

Quest: [Daily] Under Fire

Quest: [Daily] Running the Hauntlet

Quest: Something Stirs Below

Quest: Grave of the Goblins

Quest: The Crypt-Crush

Quest: Bonecrusher

Quest: [Daily] Forgotten Silver

Quest: [Daily] Precious Projectiles

Quest: [Daily] The Vision

Quest: [Daily] A Hero Called Hale

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