BrotherWhimp Block

The Brothers Whim is a new pet in Arcane Legends, available only during the holiday season. They are 2 small creatures, similar to goblins, and they're incredibly rare, classified as 'arcane'.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: +25 primary stat, +10 Intelligence, +15% damage, +10% dodge, +15% speed.

Arcane Ability: Twin Trapeze = pulls in ennemies and devastates them with a smash. Reduces armor during attack. Restores a small amount of mana.

Passive Ability: Ultimate Teamwork = a powerful attack that damages up to 4 ennemies with a chance to reduce armor by 10% , speed by 10% and causes target to bleed.

How can I get it ?Edit


You can only obtain them through Locked Grand Crates throughout Arlor.

This pet is tradeable.

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