Somberholt is a map that came out in 2016.

It also came with a new levelling up pack.


No secret in the realm of Arlor is as closely guarded as the one hidden beneath Somberholt Cemetery. To the citizens of Garetta, this local cemetery and the mausoleum that lies beyond it are merely a resting

for the dearly departed. The Chancel of Light, led by the venerable Septum Uru, have been caretakers of the cemetery since its construction. They are seen as wisened elders and loyal stewards of the past: peaceful and meditative in their seclusion, focused only on their duty as groundskeepers and ritualists. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Ages ago, the Chancel of Light went to war against the Arch Necromancer Korvis: the most powerful force of Death ever to cast his shadow upon the realm! Practically nothing is known about this battle save for the fact that, against all conceivable odds, the Lightbearers defeated Korvis and entombed him in the depths of the mausoleum. Shackled by elemental light, sigils of Life, and 'round-the-clock rituals performed by sanctioned mystics, Korvis languished in his prison for generations. And in all this time, no word of the battle, no hint of the necromancer, no mention of his name or his intent ever escaped the oath of secrecy kept by the steadfast Chancel of Light.

Recently, war erupted in the distant hills of Elondria: an incursion by Ursoth and the enchantress Helena that was quickly put down by Arlor's greatest heroes. As the tide of battle turned, Helena's sister, Voriyana the Sorceress (a lethal combatant in her own right), abandoned the campaign in disgust. Decrying Ursoth's small-minded vengeance and her own sister's short-sightedness, Voriyana fled to save herself from the humiliation of defeat and the righteous wrath of the Arlorians.

After days of sneaking through the wilds, Voriyana's escape led her to the Somberholt Cemetery. Warm waves of tranquility poured over her as she approached. Then, a voice. Korvis' voice. 

Compelled by Korvis' shadowy magnetism, a new purpose formed in her mind. Intoxicated by the necromancer's evil, Voriyana opened her spirit to his imprisoned voice. Patiently, she meditated upon the darkness and learned his terrifying secrets. 

When Voriyana descended on Somberholt she was met by the Lightbearers. Without a word, the soldiers of Light knew what had to be done. Thus they engaged. And they fought valiantly... but as all of them had grown ancient and decrepit after countless years at their post, their fight was brief and bloody. Only the brave Septum Uru survived. He watched from the darkness as Voriyana slipped into the mausoleum, singing to her new master a song of dark allegiance.

- New Level Cap of 61! - New Random Dungeons System! Delve deeper and deeper into the Mausoleum as the bosses get harder and the loot gets better. - Faction Rank System! Advance to unlock higher level gear, higher rarity gear, new token vendor options, new crafting options, new monsters, encounters, bosses, loot types, and new NPCs with quests and lore! - Unique story-line unfolds across 4 Stages as Players earn the trust of the ancient Lightbearers order.

The Chancel of Light and Somberholt Mausoleum are geographically located to the north of Garetta Village, and at the base of the mountains there.

Chancel of Light: Towne Hub, a self-reliant secret order.

Twilight 2

Somberholt Cemetery: Small randomized dungeons that grant access to the Mausoleum.

Twilight 3

Somberholt Mausoleum: A dungeon of ever-increasing difficulty. The deeper you go, the more the risk, and the better the loot!

Twilight 4

The event moves through 4 stages, driven by personal development and various community goals. As you progress, different areas and items become available.

Stage One:

- Zone: Chancel of Light - Zone: Somberholt Cemetery

Stage Two:

- Zone: Chancel of Light - Zone: Somberholt Cemetery - Zone: Somberholt Mausoleum 1-2 - New quests and dailies - Bronze coffers become available from Vendor - Level 59 Legendary gear becomes available from Vendor - Somberholt Jewel Recipes available from Quartermaster

Stage Three:

- Zone: Chancel of Light - Zone: Somberholt Cemetery - Zone: Somberholt Mausoleum 1-4 (adding Treasure rooms) - New quests and dailies - Silver coffers become available from Quartermaster

Stage Four:

- Zone: Chancel of Light - Zone: Somberholt Cemetery - Zone: Somberholt Mausoleum 1-5 (adding Exalted Shrine rooms) - New quests and dailies - Gold coffers become available from Quartermaster - Empty Elixir vials become available from Quartermaster - Voice of the Order set armor becomes available - Mythic belt upgrade recipe becomes available from Quartermaster - Level 58 mythic weapons become available from Quartermaster - Level 60 mythic armor becomes available from Quartermaster - Dark and Light Angels appear in the Chancel of Light Cathedral allowing players to become Dark Apostles and Luminous Templar.

Twilight 6

New with this content is the idea of Faction Ranks, specifically for the Lightbearers that utilizes the current event style system. These function just like personal tiers during an event, and grant players access to special store items at the vendor, rewards, quests, and dailies, etc. By participating in the content, players will eventually reach a tier that grants better resilience to the content, in addition to community-based unlocks tied to scores and other mechanics.

Points are credited for completing quests, dailies, killing monsters and killing bosses. 


- Apprentice - Acolyte - Advocate - Disciple - Lightbearer - Lightbearer Elite - Exalted Ranks (Luminous Templar or Dark Apostle)

There is a ton of new gear that becomes available as the expansion progresses. We’ve also significantly increased the power curve, so you will notice that the stats from this expansion's Epic gear surpass the stats of previous Arcanes. The following is dropped from various mobs and bosses:

- Lightbearer Weapons (Tier 1) & Dusk Bringer (Tier 2) Weapons (6 Legendary weapon types, Tier 2 has proc, random level 57-61)

Twilight 7

- Luminary/ Dusk Armors (Legendary, random level 57-61) - Symia’s Egg (Dragon Spirit Pet, only dropped from bosses) - Voice of the Order Set (armor)

Twilight 8
Twilight 9

- Balanced Scale (crafting component for Voice of the Order Set) - Twilight Locked Crates (new locked crate, only drops from Somberholt content for 2 weeks) * This contains a chance to loot a L58 mythic belt and a new Arcane Cryoworm Pet egg

There is a vendor in the Chancel of Light cathedral who will exchange your event tokens for various goods and services. These tokens are earned by running the content in Somberholt Cemetery and Mausoleums. The deeper you go, the tougher the content, and the better chances you have at earning phat loot and tokens. He sells:

- Proof of Balances (these indicate you have earned their trust and can access higher level content) - Mausoleum Access (required as the Mausoleum levels become available) - Bronze, Silver and Gold Coffers (these are the same as a boss loot pull at various levels) - Somberholt Jewel Recipes (these are the same as Finesse, Fury, and Mind Jewels but give you an additional Damage bonus in the Somberholt content) - Level 59 Lightbearer Weapons (available at Stage 2) - Level 59 Luminary and Dusk Armors (available at Stage 2) - Level 58 Imbalanced Weapons (available at Stage 4, upgradable to Level 61 Balanced weapons) - Level 60 Balanced Flame Armor (available at Stage 4)

- Empty Elixir Vial (crafting component for Exalted Elixirs, available at Stage 4) - Balanced Bar (crafting component for Voice of the Order Set, available at Stage 4) - Mythic Belt (from Twilight crates) upgrade recipe (available at Stage 4) - Voice of the Order Set Belt (available at Stage 4)

No matter what level you are under 57, you can immediately level up to 57 with a special upgrade pack from the store for 250 platinum. 

This pack contains:

- Lucky the Lion (Epic pet, +5% luck, +20% gold) - 1 Pet Level Up ticket (gets any pet to your current level) - Full set of Level 57 Epic Gear (new armor, helmet, weapon, ring, and necklace) - 10,000 Gold (just ‘cause) - 500 Health Potions - 500 Mana Potions - 5 respec Scrolls - 20 Ankhs


We also have some new furniture available for you in the Home Store:

- Acolyte's Bookshelf - Chancel Books - Scales of Balance - Chancel Brazier - Lightbearer's Library

As you can see, this is our largest and most complex Expansion to date. We’ll continue to try to fill you in on as much as possible, but a lot of it is going to unfold as the Stages progress. 


  1. Mob: Warrior
    Variants: sword and shield, axe, great sword, hammer and other with different weapon.Crowd Control: Can be iced, stunned, root, and clock freeze

Attack: Jab, spin cut, Charged hit (red zone) Notes:  Despite the difference in weapon, they all do roughly the same damage. The spin attack can push-back If you left it frozen by clock and continue in map without killing it, it will become unfrozen and immune to ice.

  1. Mob: Mage

Variants: Gun and staff

Crowd Control: Can be stunned, root, and clock freeze Attacks: heal, ice (dot), gun attack, charged gun (staff mage doesn’t have charged attack), curse (when close) Notes:  While soloing it, I’ve rarely get cursed by it, since I keep my distance. But when you move onto it, it will use curse, so keep your distance from it. Gale mastery also removes curse. If you left it frozen by clock and continue in map without killing it, it will become unfrozen.

  1. Mob: Bow Rogue

Crowd Control: Can be iced, root, and clock freeze Attacks: bow shot, aimed shot Note:  Prior to pulling, it has the typical bow rogue stance. (see picture 3) Usually wear pants (of some sot) Aimed shot have TWICE the range as the displayed red zone Can escape aimed by going out of range 

2.Mob: dagger rogue 

Crowd Control: Can be iced, root, and clock freeze Attacks: dagger attack, razor shield Note:  Immune to ice when razor is on. Also wears pants. Attacks can cause bleed (500 dmg per tick on me) Hits fairly hard, have the highest crit damage of all mobs for normal attack

Mob: archer

Crowd Control: Can be iced, stunned, root, and clock freeze Attack: shoot arrow, charged arrow. Notes:  Charged arrow is about 2x dmg as normal (still need to verify) Visual for charged arrow is the third picture

3.Mob: regular soldier like mobs

Crowd Control: Can be iced, stunned, root, and clock freeze ...

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