Snappy Block

Snappy is one of the turtles available in Arcane Legends. He's a blue turtle with a purple shell, a golden ribbon around him with a blue flag. He's classified as 'legendary'.

Stats and Abilities: Edit

Happiness Bonus: +8% damage, +15 primary stat, +2% damage reduction and +10% movement speed.

Arcane Ability: Hallowed Shell = Grants all allies in range a shield which protects against incoming damage and heals players on removal by half of damage absorbed.

Passive Ability: Lacerating Bite = A heavy attack that damages multiple targets, reduces crit chance by 5%, hit chance by 10%, and armor by 10%.

How can I get it ? Edit

  • Purchase with Dragkin teeth from Kaden in Tindirin Expedition Camp.
  • You can purchase him in the Auction House.

Snappy's egg is tradeable.

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