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Shady and Surge are 2 small demon trees available in Arcane Legends. They're incredibly rare, and are classified as 'Arcane' pets.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: +15% Damage, +25 Primary Stat, +15 DEX, INT, STR, 13.5% Crit, +10 Health Regen.

Arcane Ability: Life and Death = Spawns healing and damaging pools on the ground.Cool down:

Passive Ability : Perfect Precision = A powerful attack that damages up to 4 enemies with a chance to reduce armor by 10%, speed by 15%, and cause targets to bleed. PUSSSSSYYYYUU

How can I get it ?Edit

Only available to leaderboard winners from Ursoth's Assault!

Extremely low chance to obtain from Massive Locked Crates of the Ren'gol

Shady and Surge's egg are tradeable.

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