Shade Block

Shade is one of the owls available in Arcane Legends. He is a blue owl with purple wings and big fangs.He's classified as 'legendary'.

Stats and Abilities: Edit

Happiness Bonus: +10% damage, +20 primary stat, +6% Crit, +100 Mana

Arcane Ability: Planar Crevasse = Small AOE damage around impact area, and leaves a damage zone that slows, reduces armor, and reduces crit.

Passive Ability: Shadow Talons = Strikes multiple enemies, chance to reduce armor by 15%, hit by 10%, and chance to apply Shadow Wound (deals damage over time and can paralyse for 2 seconds).

How can I get it ? Edit

  • Can be found in an Elite Planar Tombs chest
  • You can purchase him in the Auction House.

Shade's egg is tradeable.

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