From Kraag, you can access an arena where you can fight 4 bosses for every time you go there.The will be several challenges.

Table of contents bosses(Insides the pics and strategies for each planar arena boss achviements(insides the rewards and what you need to do + some strategies for achviements of arena -traps/challenges(insides tips and strategies for completing.) what to do as a "noob"-(insides tips for newbies in game for arena) Builds(insides recommended skills,passives and pets for each class party(insides some tips for arena party rewards(insides that why you should complete the arena or spend your time on it)

1.Frostir:absolutely one of the hardest arena bosses,has 3kinds of red attacks,avoid them! And at the end he rages and does more attacks and hits harder.

2.mother:one of easiest arena boss,has 2kinds of red attacks other hits close but hard and one far but less dmg and pulls u to meele,suggest u to watch out that long range attack,this boss can make combo: long + meele usually if u are normal mage/rogue u are death

3.Stahl:also easy boss but it attacks fast to whole arena to all ways hard to watch out them no red attacks  (You need to keep this boss stunned specially when enrages attacks very lonf range and 1hits mostly,dont let he enrage!)

4.Ferrix:bit hard boss,has a special ability to make poison pools wich hit hard,and has red attacl wich has huge dmg New boss for planar arena took the place of mardrom

5.Lord mardrom: hard boss for rogues cause they usually run and have no shield this boss has ability to pull u meele and then hit,also has red attack wich makes fire "rockets' around the boss,go far away from this attack (*note it's old and replaced by ferrix)

6.Glob:hard boss wich has red attack wich is a real 1hitter huge damage! But bad range, on enrage it's good to kill him just need to run & attack.*note if all members stay at meele range he will not do chearge attacks

7.Rutger: this boss has hard armor cause can multiple 5 and all bosses come to hit and it gets dmg from just few bosses and also attack is hard cause it poisons.

(Trick: first get rutger to get multible,then tryin a pull them to middle or another corner,then die,then if there is rogue let (s)he attack to one rutger it will attack to u amd others stay in corner and it cannot multible anymore,then just kill one rutger and boss dead,this not always working)

8.Blood hammer:very hard boss wich heals himself and send bombs to sky and drop them to red areas also normal attack is bit hard

9.Challenger:easy,but extremily rare less on health & attack

(Tip: never wear lepre when fightning bosses,put it when boss is almost dying,lepre will get you easier to kill and get u lower dmg and lower everything.)

Mushroom madness Defeat rutger withouth anyone hitting to mushroom or dying Aps:150 Gold:4k

Shark bouncer Defeat bloodhammer in less than 3.30 minutes withouth dying Aps:100 Gold:7k

Neighborhood spider Defeat; glob,rutger & stahl with spiders without anyone dying Aps:100 Gold:7k

Child's play Defeat the goblin challenger without anyone dying Aps:100 Gold:7k

Safety first Defeat any boss with proximity curse without anyone taking damage or dying Aps:150 Gold:4k

Running the cambit Defeat frostir with each challenges:vortex crystal,spiders,proximity curse,mushrooms,poison clouds. Aps:150 Gold:4k

Serenity now! Defeat: ferrix,bloodhammer,frostir,mother and glob before they enrage with obelisk still alive.and get the title: tranquil Aps:150 Gold:4k

Gladiator Just finish whole arena game all 4 bosses,and gain title shuyal gladiator Aps:150 Gold: -

Dimensional gladiator Beat all arena challenges and get title dimensional gladiator Aps:250 Gold:20k

Vortex crystal: u have vortex crystal run! What does this really mean? When u have vortex crystal it makes red pools wich damages and knock back u and your allies so run on the arena area with that mission nobody hits to pools,therw will be several pools before it changes owner

Poison clouds:this is nasty,when you move it will make hard hitting purple clouds so try to move as less as possible and avoid those clouds

Mushrooms: they are nasty guys wich come to you when u go too close they damages and knocks you  try to stay away from their range (They were pumpking in old arena)

Proximity curse: this is easy to conqui just stay away from your allies it only damages when you hit someone or your ally

Enrage:new challenge wich is pretty hard,u should kill the boss or destroy the obelisk before time,because if boss enrages its really hard to kill *try to stay near the gate then pull the boss if it works the enrage time dont start,but u nees to be carefull

Spiders: this is why AoE skills to kill them as fast as possible they protect boss and take your hits and attacks you(Tip:rogue of you have 2nd upradge charge your nox,that makes AoE poison wich kills spiders) And try to not move moving spawns more spiders

So how to fight as a "noob"? What to do people leave when I come to arena they dont want to fight with me should level to 41 that helps you alot to fight and survive people usually want to play with 41 2.know that what you are doing dont run like idiot straight to boss people will leave dont need mythics to play arena just have reasonable gear like event that's enough 4.if you die whole time people will also leave so avoid boss attacks and try to stay alive as much as need

As a sorcerer I suggest u to use gun for automatic scope and higher range & good damage For this hard arena sorcerer needs +1000 armor and +3000health or bosses will 1hit u with normal attack easily if u dont have shield atm Fireball 5/5 1.explotion gets bigger, U need AoE skills against spiders(expecially) that they are easier to kill 2.burn damage,Really usefull boss takes dmg faster,and faster always better 3.stun,Stuns always good 4.reduces 25% opponents armor good for supposting ur arena team

Lightning 4/5 1.15% damage,have to have in arena to kill bosses faster 2.change for multiple lightning again good for against spiders 3.250% more damage on critical use this for higher crits,good then when someone use ribbit or gyrm  or another crit pet

Ice:4/5 1.20% change to damage enemies around u,makes more dmg 2.stunned or slowed by frost bold gets now additional damage,makes more additional dmg usefull 3.3seconds more to effects,good effects now longer(stun or slowing)

Shield:4/5 1.adds 5sec to duration,also helps u survive,really usefull 3.dmg reduced by 15%,opponents cant hit so hard to you 4. Unvaliable to get dmg after casting shield for 2secs,good helps u survive specially against bosses wich has that hard redd attacking.

Gale 4/5 U could try this for place of any skill execpt lightning,very trick skill and good for arena 1. Charged will grant you,AoE attack,makes range longer needed 2.charged will add you speed and make u go fast forward,this is the tricky uoradge very good for avoiding boss attacks and traps like vortex 3.adds 50% armor,helps you survive on arena

Pets: For arena stun pets are very good: kelvin or george Other goods wich I like: (not in order) colton,clyde,orion,ethyl. Dova bear. little bear and gyrm,shadowlurk,hazel,blinky yowie Im not going to list mythic/arcane pets to any class cause almost all good

Warrior needs definitely atleast 1900 armor/6400 hp/dmg not so important  skyward smash4/5 1. Makes hit area of skyward to 8meters,good AoE upradge wich helps u 2.makes 10% additional dmg,more dmg always good 3.25% change to stun,stuns always good

chest splitter3/5 1.maxium targets extended with 1,good upradge that makes ur attack higher area 2.has a change to get high dmg around to your enemies,good upradge charge it to get change from 25% to 45%

juggernaut5/5 1.ignore 20% of incoming damage,maybe best upradge of juggernaut u are now hard to kill 2.if ur health fall under 25% u have 50% for heal,good for surviving and against red attacks 3.removes moving effects,really good upradge u cannot get stunned or slowed or bleed pr anything 4.makes ur opponents attack u,good for protecting ur team Always charge ur juggernaut that makes 3&4 alive!

horn of renew5/5 1.makes range to 8meters,good for that if ur team is running u can still heal them from far 2.increase buffs of horn with 25% now the horn heals even longer and helps u and ur team mates 3.makes enemies from 8meter from u to attack u not to ur allies,good for protecting team 4.makes shield wich protects ur allies from incoming attack,very usefull and protecting

Axe throw5/5 You could swap this on place of chest splitter this skill pulls the boss to you and reduces it and does lots of dmg but slow cooldown,every upradge very usefull

Pets:stun pets,george and kelvin good like stun pets for all classes Little bear,dova bear,gyrm,ribbit,prance,shadowlurk,crawly,haze,val kin,blinky yowie

For rogues it's recommended to have atleast 1400 armor/3300 hp/515dmg Aimed shot 5/5 1.makes 10% more dmg per shot,usefull cause cool down is only 2sec that u got lots of more dmg than without it 2.aimed now does 250% more dmg with critical,aimed isnt anything without this! Most important upradge 3.critical change increased 10% for 5sec,this means if cd is 2sec that u have 10% more crit whole time. 4.targets armor reduced 15% for 5sec so this also means that if u fight boss bosses armor is reduced whole time. Spam this skill!dont charge

Noxious bolt (4or5)/5 1.adds 3secs to poison damage,usefull ur target is now almost whole time in poison 2.makes poison explotion to 6meters and also maxium targets to 6,not so important upradge makes 10% additional damage,more dmg always good 4.impact dmg increased 15%,more dmg always good.

Razor shield 4/5 increased 20% when shield alive,very usefull better change to dodge bosses attacks 3.razor shield stays now longer,usefull and now ur dodge and other effects stay alive longer. 4.removes moving effects,when shield alive bosses cannot slow or stun u wich helps alot

Shadow veil4/5 1.armor increased by 20% for u and allies,upradge helps u survive,also if boss hits war stay there in smoke with others 3.u and ur allies do 15% more dmg when staying in smoke,usefull upradge helps u and others to kill faster 4.adds 3sec to duration of smoke,also usefull effects stay longer.

U can maybe think why I dont suggest pierce so: it makes u go close to boss and those other skills are great, you can swap razor or veil no arrows to pierce if you like it also have small cd and good damage it also helps you in arena challenges like vortex,then just charge it if you use pierce let it be 1/5 or 2/5 with heal upradge other upradges useless Ty sera for this tip

Pets:stun pets also good(kelvin,george) Others:dova bear,little bear,,haze,kettle,crawly,horton, Ethyl,blinky,ribbit yowie

*pets not in particular order

What about passives?  I suggest u to use dex for dmg,hp,crit,dodge.str for for mana. And crit & armor  int for dmg and hp & mana boost,dex for little dmg bonus and crit,str for survivality,crit and damage  str for dmg and hp,int for mana,armor,damage

So if you are hard to find a party to arena,dont random join, u need luck if u get that party wich u want like 3rogues 1tank or 2mages 2rogues. If you like to farm arena go to an active guild, wich main thing is elite farming not so much pvp and they can play with you and advice/help or you can get a party from friends or cities but main thing is I dont suggest you to random join, and here's other thing why not:  they usually leave,they aren't ready to complete arena or dont have time And at last I suggest u to have only 1 tank in oarty it's really slow with 2-4tank so

Why should I complete arena? is it just waste of time? No it isnt,from each completed arena run you get master chest wich has a change to drop legendaries and arcane fossil which can be used to craft the Nekro pet, and also the parts for a mythic amulet from the bosses . And the other thing there is a change to drop new mythic amulet recipe when you complete arena And if Im not wrong there is a chance to drop legendary weapons from bosses,also if you do arena fast u can have change to get your name to leaderboards. So the arena is very fun with good rewards!

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