"Not every person in Arlor can have a companion, only those who have heroic blood coursing through their veins."
Pets are companions that help the player in combat. These pets are fairly important to gameplay, as their attack powers and arcane abilities can affect targets in ways to support the player or other players. Pets have an arcane ability (AA), which has a cooldown time, but are generally

more powerful, giving you stat boosts or significantly damaging the enemy. These arcane abilities, however, can only be activated when your pet is happy. You can increase or replenish their happiness by feeding and playing with them. If you don't have a pet yet, you can obtain pets through the auction or through the stable for platinum or gold, which is also where you can view all owned/unowned pets. In the stable, different species of pets are shown, including: sharks, canines, leopards, turtles, deer, birds, bats, dragons, dodos, wolves, bears and golems. All pets in the game are categorized in separate qualities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Arcane and Heroic

Common Classes
Pet List Alejandro Amy August Bop-Bop Camilla Cinder Dauphin Flounder Frost Guapo Harley Malgo Mercury Precious Rocky
Rare Classes
Pet List Abigail Bismark Barney Chase Deary Deston Dart George Jahooty Jack Kelvin Nemesio Pinfeathers
Epic Classes
Pet List Aspen Cerella Entomis Esteban Ethyl Flounder Frosty Gaze Grave Hazel Koko Konga Lucky Meep-Moop Nexus Porkchop Snowy Spitfire Squash Tankton Uries Vixen Wurmtongue Wyatt
Legendary Classes
Pet List Blinky Blitzer Boris Breezaga Breeze Clyde Colton Comet Cottonkill Courage Crawly Cupcake Churro Dovabear Ewen Fantasma Flap Jack Foxy Fritters Gloom Gold Slobber Gourdon Gourdy Granite Haxonite Haze Horton Iceball Ironbite Kettle Korruption Little Bear Loki Malison McCraw Misty Nightshade Nilbog Orion Patches Prower Prower Quentin Rammington Ribbit Rudolph Sassy Scorn Sentinel Shade Shadowfang Shadowlurk Shiloh Silver Sky Slobber Snaggletooth Snappy Snowball Squeekem 'n Squish Stanlee Swift Symia Talon Thog Titan Toxy Valkin Venim Violet Vlad Wrathjaw Yowie
Mythic Classes
Pet List Abaddon Accalia Chester Ellie Gobi Gold Tyrannica Grimm Hawken Hisha Krampus Lemon and Lime Magma Oconi Ripmaw Scorch Slag Tyrannica Wylenor
Arcane Classes
Pet List Arcane Deary Arcanite Abaddon Arcanite Nekro Arcanite Slag Arcanite Toor Bejan Dreambot Glacian Glowstik Gold Nekro Gold Stampy Gold Toor Hammerjaw Kissogatha Kris & Kringle Maria Maridos Mishi Munch Mouth Nekro Samael Shady and Surge Singe Stampy The Brothers Whim Toor
Heroic Classes
Pet List Abigail Accalia Alejandro Amy Aspen August Barney Bismark Blight Blinky Bop-Bop