Pets are companion that help player fight enemies. These pets are fairly important to gameplay, as their attack powers can effect enemies in ways to support the player(s) in defeating a monster. The pets will always attack what you attack, no questions asked. Pets have an arcane ability, which requires a cooldown time, but are generally more powerful, giving you stat boosts or poisoning the enemy. But, your pet must be happy to use them. You can increase their happiness by feeding and playing with them. You can obtain pets through the auction, in the chests section, (they are are all legendary) or through the stable, for platinum, which is also where you can view available pets. There are also different species of pets, including: shark, dog, leopard, turtle, deer, bird (includes bats), monkey, dodo, wolf, bear and twin. Note that the crystalions including Toor, Breezaga, Slag and Glacian are monkeys. There are five pet classes Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Arcane.

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All pets can be looted from egg xavier during the eggstravaganza mini event except the pets that came after it.

Rare Classes
Pet List Timber Guapo Barney Cinder Jahooty Alejandro Bop-Bop Chase Bismark Abigail Deston Frost Dart Flounder Pinfeather Amy Mercury Harley jack George Kelvin August Malgo Shadowfang Camilla Nemesio Precious Dauphin Rocky Deary
Epic Classes
Pet List Cerella Tankton Koko Aspen Blight Nexus Hazel Esteban Meep-Moop Wyatt Konga Vixen Grave Uries Ethyl Spitfire Wurmtongue Snowy Frosteye
Legendary Classes
Pet List Crawly Granite Ribbit Colton Horton Flap-jack Loki kettle Mccraw Clyde Wrathjaw Snaggletooth Malison Misty Talon Valkin Haze Scorn Shadowlurk Shiloh Dovabear Blinky Prance Ewen Squash Vlad Gyrm Ironbite Courage Shade Breeze Snappy Breezaga Frist Yowie Snowball Nightshade Orion Little Bear Toucan Foxy
Mythic Classes
Pet List Ripmaw Slag Abaddon Grimm Scorch
Arcane Classes
Pet List Hammerjaw Glacian Samael The Brothers Whim Shady and Surge Nekro Singe Maridos