Malgo Block

Malgo is one of the bats available in Arcane Legends. It is a dark bat with green wings and yellow eyes. It is classified as 'rare'.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: Happiness Bonus: +12 INT, +3% Crit

Arcane Ability: Sonic Sweep = Damages enemy targets and has a chance to stun. Cool down: 20s

Passive Ability (level 1): Claws = A claw attack that damages a single enemy.

Passive Ability (level 5): Gnashing Claws = A claw attack that also has a chance to cause the target to bleed.

Passive Ability (level 10): Tearing Claws = A claw attack that damages up to 2 enemies, with a chance to cause the targets to bleed.

Passive Ability (level 15): Cleaving Claws = A claw attack on up to 3 enemies that also has a high chance to bleed the target.

How can I get it ?Edit

Very low chance to drop from forest of shuyal or you can buy it with 25 platinum from stable

Malgo's Egg is tradeable.

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