Littleridge is a place near Brackenridge where the goblins attacked. You can get to it through the "portal", but using this portal will cost you energy. You start out with 3 and then regen each 7 hours. You can bypass using energy but only if you purchase a altar recipe from vendor in Littleridge and craft an altar relic. Here comes the tough part, you have to find the portals while holding the relic to enter them, WT4 is good for doing this. This is an event, not a permanent fixture in the AL world. You can purchase gear and recipes with the tokens that each event boss drops, the higher the tier you are, the higher liklihood you will encounter the tougher bosses.

Quests Edit

[Daily] Gob Stopper

Wanted: Chief Fury

Wanted: Corporal Little Horn

Wanted: Major Payne

Please update and correct me if I'm wrong

Bosses Edit

Chief Fury

Corporal Little Horn

Major Payne

Gore-blin (bonus event boss)

Seargant Gunn

Dangerous Stuff Edit

The goblins made a kind of poison that slows you down and kills you. You can easily recgonize it by observing the green circles. The ones with the mist on it is a trap.

The green Dying People are actually goblins in disguise, so don't be fooled!

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