Description Edit

Houses are purchasable by players for the price of either Gold or Platinum. Once bought, they can be decorated with different housing items. Anyone may visit your house at anytime, but this can be changed in the Settings menu inside a house.

Houses and Location Edit

Houses have 3 different locations to choose from after purchase, with the exception of the Tavern, which has 4. These locations include the Forest, Mountains, Volcano, and City. Each location gives a different stat boost to the player, with the bonuses increasing depending upon the house tier. For example, the lowest tiered house (Starter House) located in the Forest gives a +50 Health boost, while the highest tier (Tavern) located in the Forest will give a +200 Health boost. The only location to not follow this rule is the City which gives +2% luck and as stated before, is only for the Tavern.

Location Prices Edit

Forest - 200 Platinum

Mountains - 200 Platinum

Volcano - 300 Platinum

City - 100 Platinum (Tavern Only)

Note: Locations can also be purchased at the Auction House for Gold.

Decorations/Furniture Edit

There are many various decorations that can be used to spice up your home. They can be found, bought, or even crafted. When inside your home, you can open the Edit menu to place, move, scale, or rotate an item. Each house will only have a certain amount of House Slots to start, scaling from 5 to 100. These slots determine how many items you may place in your home. You may purchase more House Slots for Platinum. Decorative items do not give any boosts or bonuses, and are completely aesthetic.

House List Edit

Starter House Edit

  • Price - 20,000 Gold
  • House Slots - 5


  • Forest - +50 Health
  • Mountains - +50 Mana
  • Volcano - +0.50 Damage

Cottage Edit

  • Price - 300 Platinum
  • House Slots - 20


  • Forest - +100 Health
  • Mountains - +100 Mana
  • Volcano - +1 damage

Lodge Edit

  • Price - 500 Platinum
  • House Slots - 50


  • Forest - +150 Health
  • Mountains - +150 Mana
  • Volcano - +1.5 Damage

Tavern Edit

  • Price - 1000 Platinum
  • House Slots - 100


  • Forest - +200 Health
  • Mountains - +200 Mana
  • Volcano - +2 Damage
  • City - +2% Luck
  • Graveyrad - +10 Gold Loot

Note: All House Deeds are tradable, thus can be bought from the Auction House for Gold.