Released Updates Edit

2016-10-13 Content Update (217429) Edit

+ Huge elixir sale

+ Dungeon Loopbacks in the Graveyard and Mausoleum now award players 50 XP on activation

+ XP gained for killing bosses and minibosses in the Somberholt has been significantly increased

+ Enabled spawner for Becquila

+ Brackenridge campaign map order is now correct

+ Fixing bug where advocate+ ranked players were losing their rank buff on death

2016-10-11 Content Update (217289) Edit

+ turned off double offers

2016-10-07 Content Update (217185) Edit

+ Doubled exp gain in Somberholt

+ Revert inadvertent Nekro nerf

+ Revert inadvertent Rogue Arcane Ring nerf

+ Revert Vial of Undead Ectoplasm to 10k liquidation value

+ Corrected an issue where Crazy Companion titles do not display correctly

+ Reduced Undead Sorcerer damage

+ Added Level 61 Mastery banner

+ Revert Dovabear makeover

+ Fixed world dungeon map display order

+ Add Platinum option to buy Potions from the Elixir store in batches of 500 (for 7 Plat)

+ Particle effects from amulets and rings should no longer occlude each other

2016-10-06 Client Update (217078) Edit

+ Level 61 Level Cap Raise

+ 2x offers

+ New Storefront

+ New Furniture

2016-09-29 Content Update (216555) Edit

+ 2X XP Event

+ Entering the Hermit's Lair in Shuyal now gives the player time to react

+ Fixed a bug where Mobs could be made immortal

2016-09-23 Content Update (216243) Edit

+ Removed low-end XP packs

+ Increased spawn rate of Prince

+ Changed Prince to be able to spawn multiple times in a single instance

+ Players who were missing their Locke Crate of the Locked BloodLeaf Crate Tokens have had them granted. Check your Satchel tab in your inventory!

2016-09-22 Content Update (216136) Edit

+ Reduced XP curve for faster mid-game leveling

+ Prince Levlar event, hunt XP packs for fun and profit

2016-09-15 Content Update (215681) Edit

+ 2x Orc Fangs from Elite Rengol Content

+ 2x Orc Tags from Daily Quests in Garetta

+ Pet Animancy Sale is over

+ Anti-Gnome Thief event is over

2016-09-09 Content Update (215479) Edit

+ Appropriate boss identification for Underhul enemies (not poison pools) to prevent exploit

+ Delay vendor interaction until combat is over to prevent accidental purchases

+ Add particle to Anti-Gnome Thief to increase visibility

2016-09-06 Content Update (215418) Edit

+ Find the Anti-Gnome Thief and Shady Gnome Dealers in Underhul Elites to acquire Anti-Gnome set pieces.

+ Talk to Fonso in Glintstone to taste the full power of Banished Items

+ Tradable crafting inventory slots available in the Plat Store

+ Stained Glass Windows and Jarl's Golden Door now sell in the Furnishing Store

+ Unlock any Pet's animancy slots for only 20 Story Tokens... more then 50% off

+Resetting Locked Cryostar Crates back to Arcane Deary, Maridos, and Munch Mouth

+ Tyranica Now targets random enemy and place 1 of 4 clouds on them

2016-09-06 Content Update (215315) Edit

+ Removed 2x offers

2016-09-02 Content Update (215271) Edit

+ Fixed losing enhancements when using the consignment shop

+ Fixed item enhancements lost during crafting

+ Awakening Bosses cannot be banished

+ Players can craft old energy essence into a forged energy kit

Older Updates Edit

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