Flapjack Block

Flap-jack is one of the dodo's available in Arcane Legends. He is a dark blue dodo with red eyes. He is classified as 'legendary'.

Stats and Abilities: Edit

Happiness Bonus: +15% damage, +8 Health Regen, +8 Mana Regen

Arcane Ability: War Shrill = A war cry that has a big chance to stun enemies in range and reduces their armor by 10%. Cool down: 18 second

Passive Ability (level 1): Forceful Peck = Damages a single target with a sharp peck.

Passive Ability (level 5): Sharp Beak = Damages a single target and has chance to reduce hit chance by 10%.

Passive Ability (level 10): Smashing Beak = Damages a single target and has chance to stun the enemy.

Passive Ability (level 15): Catalyst Beak = Damages up to near 3 targets, has a chance to bleed, to stun, and reduce enemies chance to hit by 10%.

How can I get it ? Edit

  • Flap-jack's egg can be dropped by Bael (a boss) in Rook's Nest.
  • You can buy him in the Stable for 50 platinum.
  • You can also purchase him in the Auction House.

Flapjack's egg is tradeable.

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