WC map

Map Layout of The City of Windmoore.

The City of Windmoore is the first available location that can be visited in Arcane Legends. The city works as a place for Hero(s) to socialize, get quests, and do plenty of other things.

NPCs Edit

  • Adventurer Alexa
  • Boltag
  • Merek the Miner
  • Power Booster Levolas (Merchant)
  • Quimby the Witless
  • Shazbot
  • Trader Tetra (Merchant)
  • Vida Salon (Merchant)
  • Watchman Reginald

Services Available Edit

  • Quest Drop
  • Portal

Location AccessEdit

  • Tavern: The Slurred King
  • Windmoore Arena (PvP)
  • Windmoore Guild Hub/Castle
  • Windmoore Harbor


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