Chase Block

Chase is one of the cute puppies available in Arcane Legends. He has a dark grey fur with big red eyes. He's classified as 'rare'.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: Incoming damage reduced by 1%.

Arcane Ability: Debilitating Howl = a fierce howl that lowers your ennemies chances to dodge. Cool down: 12 seconds.

Passive Ability (level 1): Bite = a quick bite attack that damages one single target.

Passive Ability (level 5): Heavy Wolf Bite = a quick attack to single target.

Passive Ability (level 10): Savage Bite = a bite attack that causes also the target to bleed.

Passive Ability (level 15): Savage Bite Improved = a bite attack that snares and causes it to bleed.

How can I get it ?Edit

Barkley in Brackenridge can teach you how to

Chase 2

gain a pack. Talk to him to collect this wolf puppy.

By completing the Daily Quest 'The Bored Puppy', 

you have a chance to get Chase's egg.

You can also purchase it in the Auction House.

This pet is tradeable.

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