Cerella Block

Cerella is the only female puppy in Arcane Legends. She has a black fur and has big purple eyes. It's a must-have pet, classified as 'epic'.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: + 4 health regen, +80 armor.

Arcane Ability: Ankle Bite = a vicious attack that has a chance to reduce ennemy movements by 50%. Cool down: 8 seconds.

Passive Ability (level 1) Bite = a quick bite attack that damages one single target.

Passive Ability (level 5) Heavy Wolf Bite = a quick bite attack to a single target.

Passive Ability (level 10) Savage Bite = a bite attack that also causes the target to bleed.

Passive Ability (level 15) Wolf-Hamstring Cleave = a bite attack that snares and causes up to 5 targets to bleed.

How can I get it ?Edit

Low chance to drop from Tombs of Kraag.

You can try to find her there. Or you can buy it in the Stable.

Klaas (a NPC in Traveler's Outpost) can also give her to you.

Cerella's egg is tradeable.

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