BV map

The Brackenridge Village is basically the best place to find lots of Goblins. As I said as I first entered the area, "Out of the frying pan, and into the fire!". If you take a certain Quest (Traitor), you will fight Jarl.


  • Jarl of Brackenridge: the first boss you will encounter in Brackenridge Village.
  • Thunk One-Eye: the second boss in Brackenridge Village.

NPC's Edit

  • Beastmaster: This npc is merely there to show you how the stable works and how to summon your pets. A pink dragon is right next to him.
  • Hedwig: This is the Owl npc that gives the quest “The Bone Charms”, once you do enough repeatable missions from this Owl you will get Jahooty’s Egg.
  • Wiznit the Drifter: This mage is located in one of the Branches of Brackenridge Village. You can turn in the quest The Bone Charms with him.
  • Refugee

Gallery: Edit


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