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Brackenridge Aqueducts is part of the region Brackenridge.  Here you will find many goblin monsters and a boss you can loot copper chests from.

Monsters: Edit

  • Krax Wildstorm

NPC's: Edit

  • Zario : Elixir merchant found right at the entrance of Brackenridge Aqueducts.
  • Groll: a corpse, you should examine it in order to complete the quest Missing Merchant given by Boltag.
  • Sheeba: a NPC panther, which grants the daily quest Think of Me.
  • Parchment 1: gives you the quest Traitor.
  • Lisbet the Drifter
  • Parchment 2: gives you the quest Haunted.
  • Refugee: The refugee you find right before the Golden Mine, next to Betty. You must hand him The Stolen Property quest to him.
  • Betty: an NPC holding an owl.

Gallery: Edit

Brackenridge aqueducts