Southern Seas Elite

Southern Seas Elite

Fighting Captain Bloodhammer, a boss monster in Southern Seas map.


Boss monsters are found in each map.

Brackenridge Edit

Forest - Stabb

Aqueducts - Krax Wildstorm

Brackenridge - Jarl Gruwald, Thunk One-Eye

Gold Mine - Ghul Bellybottom

Ydra ForestEdit

Ydra Outskirts - Stahl

Rook's Hideout - Mother, Morgana (quest)

Ydra Forest - Klutus and Becquila

Rook's Nest - Bael with two Master Assassins

Dead CityEdit

Dead City Outskirts - Ann

The Dead City - Krunch

Arcanum Grounds - Krodo, then Captain Rutger

Lost Mage's Mine - Antee

Arcanum Castle - Glob

Tower of Mardrom - Lord Mardrom

Kraken IslesEdit

Windmoore Harbor - Sully Skullcracker, Captain Bluecrab

The Southern Seas - Captain Bloodhammer

Grog Beach - Captain Fangtooth

Ancient Mariner Reef - Captain Hately, Pall Ebon and Pirate Slavers (Rogue quest)

Skull Cove - Captain Bloodhammer, Captain Red Tide (Rogue quest)

The Lost Cove - Fangtasm Finn

Palm Rock Island - First Mate Butterclaw


Jurn Woods - Maneater

Mount Spyr - Alpha Wolf, Yeti Sorcerer

Oltgar Keep - Frostir

Crystal Caverns - Frostbite, Yeti Sorcerer

Hall of Valheim - Grimnr

Camp Boulder - Ulfang

Tunnels of Valheim - Ubermans


Shadow Plains - Wraith Heart

Forest Breach - Ferrix

Forest of Shades - The Overgrowth

Undim Fields - Captain Krom

Ashral Tower - Inan'hesh, Ashral Heart

Tindirin Edit

The Wilds - Sacred Egg (Drake Hatchling or Weakened Drake) and Elite Guard Apocai and Elite Guard Nicot

Jagged Trail - Tribal Abomination

Magma Corridor - Alargan

Caves of Tarewa - Arachna

Rockhorn Summit - Lord Rendtail

Watchers' TombEdit

Floor I - Fractured Fel

Floor II - Yrena the Deathless

Floor III - Krack Krushbone

Floor IV - Lumm the Angry

Crypts of KraagEdit

Floor I - Murax

Floor II - Kronk

Floor III - Horgul, Kronk, Krodo, kkrrbbxx (quest) the vision

Floor IV - Brak Bonecrusher, Mung the Merciless, Fung the Fearless


Upper Hauntlet - Fallen Warrior

The Kraken MinesEdit

Floor I - First Mate Ashen

Floor II - Priscilla

Floor III - Harley, Francisca, Stonegrip Slithe

Lost in a StoryEdit

The Broken Manor - Rattlebone the Skinless

The Bandit Den - Pahl

Dueling Chambers - Spiteful Baron Sue, Heinous Count Hugo, Duke Connor, Evil King Egric

The Troll's Breakfast - Hungry the Troll

Planar Gladiator ArenaEdit

Rutger the Betrayer


The challenger



Captain Bloodhammer

Lord Mardrom


Trulle's ForestEdit


Littleridge Edit

Chief Fury

Corporal Little Horn

Planar TombEdit

Tomb I - Marrow the ancient

Tomb II - Sorrax The Great

Tomb III - Taurus