"Beloved Hero,
I received your letter about the refugees. Those poor people! I'm so glad you're there to help. Can't wait to meet again in Traveller's Outpost!
Write me after you have seen the Aqueducts."
'Beloved Hero' is a quest given at the Quest Drop after completing My Dear Hero.

Quest Info Edit

Given By

  • Quest Drop


  • Brackenridge Aqueducts

Turn In

  • Quest Drop


Complete the Brackenridge aqueducts area, eliminating all the enemies, then exit through the passage.


20 Experience

30 Gold

Note: Under certain circumstances, this quest will not show when you first enter the Aqueducts. Accept or complete the quest inside the Aqueducts and check back regularly to accept the quest. Otherwise, you can accept it the next time you enter if you make it through without accepting the quest.