Abaddon 2
Abaddon is one of the recent pets in Arcane Legend, classified as 'mythic'. He looks like Samael, except that he is green. He is available for a limited time. By having this pet, you will granted an achievement, banner and a title.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Happiness Bonus: 110 armor, +10 primary stat, +15% damage, +12% move speed, and +10% XP bonus.

Arcane Ability: Fallen Curse Fart = does damage and has a chance to apply a shadow damage over time that reduces hit chance to ennemies within range. Cool down: 25 sec.

Passive Ability (level 1): Old Touch = damages a target + can reduce the chance of the ennemy to hit by 5%.

Passive Ability (level 10); Decaying Touch = damages a target and has a chance to reduce armor by 10% and chance to hit by 5%. 

Passive Ability (level 20): Withering Grasp = damages 2 targets and has chance to reduce armor by 10%, hit by 5% and critical by 5%.

Passive Abilitiy (level 30): Blighted Breath = damages multiple targets, + same bonuses as in 'Withering Grasp'.

Passive Abilitiy (level 40): Rotting Embrace = Damages multiple targets and has a chance to reduce armor by 15%, hit by 20% and crit by 10%.

How can I get it ?Edit

Purchased From the Stable for 250 Platinum [Available in Season-5 and in some events]

You can also buy it in the Auction House (for more than 1 000 000 gold).

Abaddon's egg is tradeable.

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